Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big kicks

Dear Avery,
      Today was a much better day than yesterday.  It is still dreary outside, but not nearly as rainy.  There is even a chance that the rain will turn into snow tonight.  It's definitely feeling like winter now!

     I felt my first "through the belly" kick last night.  After a day with hardly any movement at all, it was AMAZING!  It has only happened three times since then, so your dad hasn't been able to feel it yet.  I hope that you will keep it up so he can feel you soon. 
      My belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  You are the size of a cantaloupe now and people definitely know that I am pregnant when they see me.  I love being pregnant with you. 

      Sometimes it is awkward for me when people ask about you because I never know what to tell them.  All of the people who are really close to us already know what is going on, but it can be uncomfortable when other people want to make pregnancy small talk.  I feel obligated to let them know that things aren't perfect, but it is impossible to convey the emotion and reality of what is really going on in a day to day small talk. I usually just leave it at "We are very excited that we are having a little girl.  She has some complications, so please keep her in your prayers."  It's not that I mind sharing your story, but I just never know how or when to do it.  I figure that it can never hurt to ask for some extra prayers though!

     Your dad turned on Christmas music for us tonight and he is working in the basement.  We hope to have it finished by the time you get here.  I think I am going to start decorating the house for Christmas tonight.  That will definitely lift the mood around here. 

                                                                   My 20 week belly:

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