Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates from our 2nd high risk appointment on 11/18/11

I went back to see another doctor on my high risk team today and it was pretty rough.

Minor things first:

The fact that they can already see bowing in the long bones means that it is most likely going to be an extremely severe form of dysplasia.

The shape of her head indicates that she could have some mental retardation.

The major concern is that her abdomen is much larger than her chest. They told us at the first high risk appt that lung development is a concern because the chest cavity in people with dysplasia doesn't always compensate for the size of the organs. They basically said that it is a red flag that they can already see this so early and predict that there is about a 70% chance of it getting worse from here. If it does get worse, it indicates one of the fatal dysplasias--our worst fear come to life. They basically said that she has a 50/50 chance of making it into the world and they can not predict life expectancy yet beyond that point. Please continue to keep Avery in your prayers!

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