Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday night

Dear Avery,
     Your mom is one sleepy lady!  Dad and I just started a load of laundry and I don't know if I can stay awake long enough to put it away.  We are going to sleep well tonight--I can feel it!
     My students had their First Communion today.  All of the girls looked like little princesses and the boys looked so handsome in their suits.  They were very excited and the church was completely full!  I decided to let their parents know about all that you are going through. I typed up an email explaining things and sent it out this morning.  I figured they needed to know why I would be missing school and we can certainly use the extra prayers.  They were all really sweet and gave us lots of hugs. 
     Your dad came with me since we didn't go to mass this morning.  We couldn't sit together since I had to sit with my class, so he sat with Ann and the Schraders.  I was very surprised when he popped out of the sacristy to serve!  Elizabeth had asked him to help Father Don and Deacon Todd to receive the gifts since they were short handed at the last minute.  I joked with him that he made a cute little altar boy :).

     After mass, we went to celebrate with the Schraders at Ava's First Communion party.  They had her party at Bravo and the food was delicious.  I had chopped salad, lasagna, and a piece of cake.  I think you like Italian food because you were kicking up a storm by the end of the meal.  It was all really yummy!

     It's getting a little easier to keep it together when I talk about you.  It's still hard sometimes, but I'm getting a little tougher.  Your dad has been my rock these past couple of days.  He is so strong and loving and he is going to be the best daddy ever.  I couldn't think of a better man to share my sweet baby with and I am so glad that I have him.

                                                         I love you,

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