Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday morning thoughts

Dear Avery,
     Last night was a good night.  I was able to sleep for 5 whole hours before waking up.  Tucker crawled under the covers to snuggle and we were really cozy.  Your dad hates when he gets under the covers, but I don't think he minded last night.
     We got to spend time with all sorts of people who love you yesterday.  I went to get pedicures with Lindsay S. and Jessica A. in the morning and Leslie and Katie also came up to visit.  It was really realaxing and my toes look a lot prettier than they did!  I came home to some more beautiful flowers from friends.  Our friends from Daddy's old job sent them to show that they were thinking of you.  You have soooooo many people that are thinking of you!

      After a few tears at home, your dad and I went over to Yay-Yay and G-Daddy's house to watch Notre Dame play.  All of your Ogburn side aunts and uncles, some of your great aunts and uncles, and your great grandparents, Grandma and Pops, were there too.  Your big cousin Jackson gave us some sweet kisses and snuggle time, but he was on the move most of the night.  He's going to love you so much!  Grandma gave me St, Gerards prayer card for expectant mothers.  She said that she prayed it throughout all of her pregnancies and she ended up with 9 healthy babies, so it sounds like pretty powerful stuff!  I will be praying for you any way that I can.
      We left there and headed over to the Colyer's house to celebrate Tony and Witney's engagement.  It was wonderful to see so many of our friends (and the cake pops weren't half bad either!)  All in all, it was a long but wonderful day because we were surrounded by people that we love. 
     We have a lot to look forward to soon.  We are leaving after work on Tuesday to head to Florida for Thanksgiving.  It's been really hard on your Mimi that she is so far away from us right now and I can't wait to see her.  She would be up here in an instant if we needed her to, but I talked her out of it since we were coming home in less than a week.  We scheduled one of your next appointments when your Mimi and Papa are in Louisville so that they can come and see you on the screen.  I can't wait for them to watch you swim!
      I am sooooo excited to see all of the Brunson side of your family, especially your other big cousin Wyatt.  He and Jackson are going to take good care of you when you are older.  They are both growing up so fast!  Mallory and your friend Kai are finally out of the NICU so we will get to spend some time with them too.  Kai is a miracle baby just like you!  You guys will be great friends.
      I have been sneezing a lot lately for some reason.  I always wonder what you feel when it happens.  I kind of imagine it feeling like an earthquake.  Sorry for shaking you around sweet girl!
               I love you so very much and thanks again for all of the kicks,

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