Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking of you

Dear Avery,
      I put your new picture up on the smartboard in my classroom today.  The kids love it.  They always ask about you.  They want to know when you will get here and if they will get to meet you.  I don't have the heart to tell them that you are sick.

     I am overwhelmed by the amount of love that we have been shown.  Everybody we know is praying for you.  Your Great Aunt Val and Great Grandma both wrote you letters today.  Your Aunt Lindsay and Auntie E wrote sweet things about you on their blogs.  You literally have people praying for you all over the country!
     I found a surprise in the mailbox when I got home from work.  The Barber's sent us a beautiful note and a homemade box of Oreo balls--you are going to love those!  I have to restrain myself so I won't eat the whole box.  I will make them for you when you are older.  (They won't be as pretty as Mrs. Jenn's though!)
     Only one more day until we get to Mimi and Papa's house!  Mimi said that they will have 29 people over for Thanksgiving--I love being with all of the family!  I can not wait to spend time in Florida.  I can not wait to squeeze your sweet cousin Wyatt.

     I'm still pretty sleepy and worn out from all of the worrying that I do about you.  I'm going to try and take a nap while I wait for Dad to get home from work.  I love you soooooooo much!!!

                                        Some things that made me smile today:
                                                            Mrs. Jenn's Oreo Balls

                                                         Pretty flowers on the kitchen table

                                                 My big 19 week belly-that's where you are!

Hearing your heartbeat on the doppler


  1. Dear Avery, I enjoyed rubbing your mommy's belly tonight, knowing you could feel my love with each stroke. I talked to you too. I want you to reognize your Yay Yays voice. I fed your mom a healthy dinner so you can grow strong for us. I'm going to miss you this week but I'm so excited your Mimi will be taking good care of you. Love and kisses sweet princess.

  2. Dear Avery,
    Hearing your beat so strong is music to my ears. I played it for your cousin Wyatt. He can't wait to give you a kiss, when he gets to see you tommorow. We love you so much, and can't wait for you to make your appearance into this world, keep kicking, doing flips, in your mommy's belly. You are getting stronger everyday! xoxo, Aunt Lindsay/Lezlee (one day we will explain why I have 2 names) :)