Friday, December 9, 2011

Your Baby Blanket!

Dear Avery,

    Mimi and I just finished your blanket!!!  Here are some progress pictures:

And here is the finished product!

                                                                               I hope you love it as much as I do,

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  1. Your Blog is very touching. You are a beautiful soul and I know that God is so proud of you as His child, not because you are the strongest, not because you are the bravest (because you do not have to be either of these to make God proud), but because you are a true source of His light. The blanket is perfect and made with so much love. Your daughter is so blessed to be loved by you and you are so blessed to be loved by her.

    "In hard times she learned three things; she was stronger than she ever imagined, Jesus was closer than she ever realized, and she was loved more than she ever knew."