Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flying home

Dear Avery,

      I am typing this to you as I sit on a plane flying from your Mimi and Papa's house back to our home in Louisville.  You have been kicking nonstop since we got in the air and it feels like you have been rolling around a lot too.   Your kicks are getting stronger and stronger and you even kicked Mimi in the hand TWICE!!!  I'm hoping that you will cooperate enough for Daddy to feel you really soon. (You love to stop kicking right when someone is trying to feel for you.)

     It was great to be back home for a little while and it is strange not knowing when I will be able to go again. I tried to make the most of my time there and see as many people as possible, but there are so many things that I just didn't get around to.   We had the annual Garage Sale Christmas Party on Sunday after I got in town.  Mimi and Papa only put up their fake tree in the house this year, so we drove around to pick out a Charlie Brown tree for the pool room.  It turned out to be really cute and we were able to have a real tree for the party! I ended up with a frog shaped humidifier (which I really needed to help combat all of the pregnancy nosebleeds that I get.) None of the gifts were too crazy this year, but there were some funny ones in the mix.

      Your Mimi and I went shopping on Monday to find you some special outfits to have at the hospital. We got you a pretty pink night gown and a matching cap from Hugs and Hissyfits and a beautiful white dress from Build a Bear (it will be just your size!). We also got an adorable white headband with a big pink flower on it for you to wear with your dress.  We went over to Granny and Papa's that night and she made us an awesome dinner-ribs and rice, collards, mustards, cracklin bread, sweet potatoes, and BBQ ribs (you didn't have much room to move when we were finished eating!).

      It was so great to see so many of our friends and family members these past couple of days. Everyone wants to know how you are doing and they all continue to offer their love and support. Your cousin Wyatt surprised me by finally learning my name!!  He calls me Aunt Re-re :). Wyatt, Momo, and I took a sweet snuggly nap together today.  I had to sneak out while he was still sleeping to catch my flight. He talks about "baby" all the time since your Uncle Chris and Aunt Lindsay have been telling him all about his cousin Avery. I know he already loves you!

        I am about 23 and a half weeks pregnant now and my belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  I haven't had a ton of contractions lately, so hopefully those will be going away altogether. I want to keep you in my belly as long as I possibly can!
                                                       I love you so much,

Charlie Brown Tree

21 week belly

22 week belly

23 week belly

Build a Bear dress and pink flower headband

All of your new clothes

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