Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Avery,
     I hope you had a wonderful first Christmas sweet princess!  You have been out of control kicking these past couple of days.  My first Kentucky Christmas was a lot of fun, but I am all worn out now.

        We went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and you danced to the music the entire time.  Your daddy was FINALLY able to feel you that night in the middle of mass--it was awesome! We woke up early to do gifts the next morning and your daddy got me a sweet "A" for Avery necklace, a massager, and the washer and dryer that I have been drooling over for the past three years.  It does an entire load in 30 minutes--I am stoked!!! I got daddy and Ipad and a couple of other little things so he has had a lot of fun playing with that. 

     After we did presents, we went over to Yay-yay and G-daddy's for breakfast with all of the Luckett side and then presents with the immediate family once everyone left.  After we did presents, Yay-yay and I sat on the couch with her hand on my belly just waiting for you to kick.  You did!!  So now both of your grandmas and your daddy have been able to feel you (your 2nd cousin Katie felt you last night at Grandma and Pops' too!) 

     Overall, it was a great Christmas.  Staying so busy took my mind off  of the fact that we have another MFM appointment today at 1:00.  I usually get really nervous before them, but I have been strangely calm for this one. I have a good feeling about today.  Your Mimi and Papa got in town yesterday afternoon and this will be Papa's first time seeing you.  He is really excited to meet his first granddaughter!
                                                                             I love you,

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