Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rough week is getting better

Dear Avery,

     This was a rough week because I didn't have your daddy here with me.  Luckily, your sweet dog Tucker and plenty of our friends were there to keep us company. 

      Yesterday was a good day with no tears and lots of laughter.  It was the last day before Christmas break and my students were really excited.  We only worked a half day and I had my work Christmas party at Dundee right when we got out.   We had a great time and I ended up staying until about 5:30 with Kristina and Ann, long after everyone else had left. 

     I got home right before your dad pulled up and it was really great to have him back.  We went to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with the Spies and the Zinsers shortly after he got in and then did a little shopping since we were already at the mall.  We almost have all of our Christmas shopping done, but we still have to get something for your cousin Jackson. 

     I can already tell that today is going to be a good day too because it started out with lots of kicks from you!  I was able to feel two big ones this morning with my hand and I have been feeling tons of little ones ever since.  I love to know that you are in there-keep it up little girl!

     Tomorrow morning I will be flying back to Florida for a couple of days.  This will probably be my last trip home for a long time because Dr. Link acted like traveling these days is not the best idea.  He was happy that I was flying instead of driving, so I think we should do just fine.  I am really excited to see everyone and I can't wait for our family's Garage Sale Christmas party tomorrow night. 

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