Friday, February 10, 2012

Update from MFM appointment 2/10/12

Dear Avery,
       We went back to meet with Dr. Weeks today and to see your beautiful face again.  You were very active throughout the whole scan.  You are getting so big sweet girl!  Dr. Weeks guessed that you are about two and a half pounds.  You yawned, arched your back, and stuck your tongue out.  We were even able to see that you already have a head full of hair!

    All of the information that we have already gathered still seems to hold true.  We are praying for the maximum amount of time with you after you are born.  I am hoping to carry you as long as I possibly can.  I am still holding onto hope that we might be able to bring you home--even if it is only for a day.

     You, my dear, have an olympic size swimming pool compared to most babies' little bath tubs.  A 9 cm barrier around you would be considered an excessive amount of amniotic fluid.  There are nearly 16 cm of excess fluid surrounding you and it is increasing every day.  I has become very hard to feel you move because there is so much room for you to float.   I am between 30 and 31 weeks right now and I am measuring past full term from all of the extra fluid.  It is becoming very painful and will only get worse from here. 

     Fortunately, Dr. Weeks has a solution to this issue.  I will be getting an amniotic reduction sometime in the next couple of weeks.  They will remove one to two gallons (possibly more) of fluid in order to shrink the size of my uterus and give me a better chance of carrying you to term.  This does come with some risks, but I think the benefits outweigh those possibilities.  There is about a 5% (or less) chance that the procedure could send me into immediate labor or cause a placental abruption.  If there is hemorrhaging from a placental abruption, I would have to deliver via c-section which is not ideal for our situation.  The procedure is relatively simple and would take less than an hour.  I will have to stay overnight in the hospital for observation to monitor for signs of labor of hemorrhaging, but I will most likely be back to normal the next day.
                                                              I love you sweet pea,

Look at all of that hair!!
 Sleepy yawn!
 Some face shots:

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