Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Dear Avery,

     It is my first Mother's Day today.  I should be snuggling you and looking forward to learning your future, but instead I sit and mourn your past.  I mourn the future that I will never know and  I miss you so much.  This rainy weather seems so appropriate for the way that I feel right now.

     We went to Buckhead's for lunch today and they handed each mother a flower when they walked in the door.  They didn't hand me one and it really hurt.  It was just a stupid carnation but I wanted it.  I wanted them to tell me happy Mother's Day and acknowledge that I was a mother too, but they never did.  I wanted for your dad to stand up and tell them that they made a huge mistake and forgot to give one to me, but he can't read my mind and he never did.  I just wanted for them, all of them, to know that you lived.  I just wanted the chance to talk about you and it never came. I miss you so much Avery and I wish with every ounce of my being that you were here in my arms.
                                                               I love you baby,

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    I wrote this today before I read your blog. Just want to say Happy Mothers day. Even though I know it hurts to be told that we still need to hear it. If I could call you and tell you that I would. Don't ever think you less of a Mom EVER you are and a very amazing one at that!!!!