Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Avery,
    I miss you so much sweet angel.  Sometimes I truly can't believe that this is my life; that you are really gone.  I desparately want you back here with us.   I want a chance to hold you again, to raise you, to get to know you better.  Sometimes I feel like if I just concentrate on it hard enough that you might come back.  I know that is crazy talk, impossible actually, but I keep on wishing and praying that my baby was in my arms.  That is where babies are supposed to be--in their mother's arms.  You shouldn't be in the ground sweet girl.  It isn't right.  Parents aren't supposed to bury their children.  It isn't natural! This just isn't fair...babies aren't supposed to die.

                                                      I want you back Princess,

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